Consumer Advocacy

Conscious consumption is also about acting to ensure that laws are in place which give consumers access to the right information and which prohibit companies from acting unethically. Below you will find information on consumer rights campaigns and coverage of consumer issues in the media. If you have any suggestions for items that should be included on this list, please email


  • Just Minerals Campaign: following the failed effort to pass the Conflict Minerals Act (Bill C-486), this coalition of Canadian NGOs has committed to ensuring that the next Government passes conflict minerals legislation and prioritizes Canadian leadership in supporting locally-driven, sustainable peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • The Blue Dot Tour: pioneered by the David Suzuki foundation, this movement is campaigning for legal recognition of the right to a healthy environment in Canada.
  • SeaChoice: an organization working for healthier oceans, SeaChoice works with businesses to make more sustainable choices and offers easy to use tools for consumers on sustainable seafood.